Anyone noticed the TT search feature has changed?

The search "all forums" option is gone. This will make general, cross-forum searches very time consuming. :)

Dave - I noticed that too. Searches were much easier before this change. Fix the searching and add posting to all the forums at the same time and then we'd have something.

Agreed. What if I wanna search for "handguards" or "elbow pads"? Nice to be able to look in all forums for past threads on general topics. Is someone upstairs reading this? Hello, are you in there?

Roger that. The old way was so much easier.

I asked BB and we'll see what they can do to change it back.


You mean to tell me this place has a Search feature :)

:D :D


Is there a way to not include peoples signitures in a search? Most of the time I just get 100 posts from the same guy with a sig. with my search word in it.

Notice how much faster TT runs? This is part because we've limited searching to the forum level. Global searching is VERY resource intensive, so we've temporarely limited it. Now we are on two new rockin'servers as of our last upgrade less than a week ago, so we need to let things stabilize before we turn this back on. Trust me fellas, I understand the limitation with forum level searching, but this is what we had to do to keep site performance at respectable level. When will global searching be back? When we know that we can allow it AND provide good site performance. This is on the list of to-do's. You'll know when this happens when you search and the global opition is back.


Thanks Bryan!

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