clutch fade

Have any of you drilled the stock clutch basket to increase oil flow to reduce clutch fade?

who drilled his maybe a full machining is better than holes

Aftermarket baskets I have seen have oil holes drilled into them to increase oil flow threw the basket and cool the plates = less fade

Oil doesn't enter the clutch from outside the basket, it comes from the center of the main shaft. Drilling holes in the boss was done on the earliest YZF's in order to better distribute oil among the plates, but after about '01 or so, all of the OEM bosses came drilled from the factory.

Drilling the basket won't really contribute to better plate oiling in any way. It would change the path the oil takes to escape the fingers, but not in any way that I can see helping fade.

The best cure for fade in an '07 or later is to convert to an '06 clutch:

  • One extra friction plate
  • 8 '06 steels
  • '06 pressure plate and springs
  • '06 release arm

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