e serie questions

i just bought a used e serie endpipe for my

2000 wr ,it came with 12 disks and a solid

disq with spark arrestor tekst on it.

i became this all in peaces,now how many discs should i use to begin with, and is

the "solid disk" used at the end before the

end cap??

my bike:

yz timing,170 main jet,baffle removed.

greetings from holland.

carlos, it will be the last disk then your end cap.

carlos, dont forget to put anti seize on the threads. It's in a small tube that came with your kit.

Aftershock, how many disk are you running in your setup? I tried to go down to seven but it just didn't feel as good as 12! It seemed a little restricted. Could just be my imagination though! :) I'm WR timed, air box lid removed, stock jetting, and stock header. Unfortunately, i was only able to test up and down street. I am planning on spending some quality time a Prarie City to really dial it in but want to get feed back from others. Thanks, Paul

Im also looking into the E series. Does the thing actually help the bike run quiet through simple disc adjustments? The Stock Muffler On all US WRs has a very restrictive, but very quiet (82DB) Baffle.

I wouldnt mind running a bit louder for the sake of an extra bit of power, and not as much noise. Without the Baffle, Shes pretty noisy. With it, shes a bit restricted. I want to go somewhere "in between". :)

I have a warranty claim for my baffle weld not being good on my 2001 WR426 and they dont sell the Baffle separate from the Muffler, so They are going to get me a Muffler of my choice to replace the Stocker and I had heard about The White bros E series being pretty good and wanted feedback. The Website White bros has is (at present) worthless, as it needs to be updated for 2001 models. Thanks for any input from you guys.

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I run 7 discs for the low end power. I sat next to a stock wr400 with baffle removed and my bike was definitely quiter. However, the thing you have to remeber is the exhaust is now being pushed out to the sides instead of the rear. So even a quieter pipe may sound louder to the rider because its right under your ear. I had my friend ride both bikes while I sat and listened. The 7 discs were significantly quieter than the stock pipe. Especially at WOT.


It's your world, I just play in it!

'00WR, WB E-Series S-Bend w/7 discs, Stock header, throttle stop trimmed, airbox cover removed. Stock jetting. 4500ft.

It looks like White bros came out with a new end cap for the E series that allows you to also open the "end cap". It allows additional flow with mearly the turn of a screwdriver. Might also be worth looking into for even easier performance improvements (simple turn of the screw as mentioned), and then going back to stealth mode with the "7 discs" as you mentioned. :)

thanks for your help,i rode today with the

12 disks but what a noise!! but the power

felt good, more low end power then the silencer i used before (rhino),but a lot

more noise ,i think over 110 db,so what

can i do to solve this??

thanks to ya all.

by the way i think it is a shorty e serie

I also run the e-series with 12 discs and I feel that it's louder the stock with the baffle removed -- but I love the power increase. I noticed a significant increase in the low to mid range and a mild increase in the top end. I also rejetted it and I think my top end may be to rich. All in all, I'm happy with my purchase.

I plan on getting an E-series (muffler only) for my 01 WR426. My question is it the same part# as the YZ 426 muffler or the WR400? or are they both the same muffler anyways?

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