YZ426F Rebuild, need some advice and torque specs.

First off yes I already downloaded the yamaha book on line, but I can't seem to find the torque specs on the bearing retainers inside the crank case? I have all the parts and will begin assembly soon, so if you have any suggestions from trial and error please give me a shout. Thanks :ride:

Page 4-88, 7.2 ft/lb. Use Loc-Tite.

Sometimes you don't need to know the torque spec for every little thing.

Oh alright thanks!! :ride:

I have one more question... There are some very small scratches in the cylinder, what should I do?

If you are rebuilding, you are re-ringing at least, and perhaps replacing the piston. In that case, you should be honing the cylinder:


If the scratches don't clear up after 3-4 quick passes with the hone, the cylinder should be considered for replating or replacement.

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