09 yz450f engine miss

just been out on 2 day ride and everthing all went good except when i was cruising along at constant speed the yz450f had and annoying miss,just wondering if anyone would know why would do this thanks

Mine does it a 1/8th to 1/4 constant throttle. I just live with it. I am very little at that point in the throttle at constant throttle.

Start by checking the TPS on the carb. Your symptoms are classic for that type of an issue.

As a quick field test, find the TPS lead at or around the rear of the tank and disconnect it. Go ride. If the miss is gone, you found the problem. No engine or electrical harm will come from unplugging it.

ok i will try that but what does the TPS lead do and how do i fix the problem if that is the problem

Is there really that big of difference between the new yz450f's and older ones? ( 06 compared to 2009,2010) Do you have a had time starting your 2009 when it's hot?

Would they be faster than a 2003 kx250 emig edition?

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