Acerbis front # plate tank

Just got done installing Acerbis front number plate tank, trying it out Tuesday. Everything went on well had to bend mounting brackets a little and buy larger hose clamps, I put some old rags between forks and clamps until I can get a old bike tire and cut it up to use instead. Instructions pretty muched suck very vague, no mention on how to hook siphon kit up, but it seems to work fine,can see fuel moving thru line while bike is running. real test will be Tuesday.

That's awesome! My buddy has a camel pack style one for his YZ250 I need to get something like that for my 400. With no reserve I know it's only a matter of time before I end up running out of gas and my luck it's gonna be as far away from the truck as absolutely possible. (just like smoking my clutch in the dunes two weeks ago)

Where did you buy your setup and how much was it? Can it be setup to come off easily such as if you didn't want it permanently mounted.?

Thanks! Looks good!

I got it from, they have two versions .8 gal, and 1.3 gal. I went with the 1.3 gal. it was $62.00. it comes off very easy just loosen hose clamps, comes right off, most the time im on the motocross track so # plate if on, but when i go on long trail rides i will put this on, takes about 10-15mins to put on.

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