Oil on front fender

My 09 450 has about 15 hours on it. Last 2 rides there is dark stains on the outside on the front fender clase to the radiator. I know it is probably from the gas tank vent hose but my question is...1 why only on my last 2 rides. 2 Is this washing lube off my steering bearings?

Is this washing lube off my steering bearings?
How would that be possible?

Don't know Gray that is why I'm asking. The gas vent hose is in close proximitry to the steering bearings. The stuff on my fender looks just like an dried oily residue.

Gray that would be possible since 09 bearings have a water leak so washing it off is a problem since water would go in the steering stem bearings and will flush some of the grease out on the bike rule off the thumb open up the fender take off the handlebar grab a tub of grease and fill her up with grease and its ok to see some of it go off just make sure to use some heavy sealing grease and silicone sealants might make it good to go

The question is whether gas coming from the vent can wash grease from the steering head bearings. The head bearings are fit over the outside of a solid aluminum tube. The vent is routed to the inside of the same solid tube. So again, how would that be possible?

If you have actual grease on your fender, it's the work of sunshine and a grease form which the oil is too easily separated.

tapperbearings025.jpg some waterproof grease will keep itself from getting on the fender

No kidding?

All greases are a mixture of a metallic soap, such as lithium or molybdenum, and some type of oil. The oil in thinner and/or lower quality greases will often separate and drip away from the mixture, especially when exposed to heat.

Regardless, the only way gasoline coming from the vent tube will wash steering head grease onto the front fender is if the person installing the bearings got sloppy and smeared grease into the interior of the steering stem.

If you're concerned switch to a shorty gas tank vent. They're $15. I also have stains on the backside of my front fender from before switching. Not sure exactly what was leaking onto the fender (i'm sure i did get grease on some of the inside of the stem on regrease or it's dirt mixing with the gas and staining the plastic) but I figured gas running through my neck on crash was never a good thing. Scrub it with a plastic cleaner, adhesive remover, or goof off and it will clean up.

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