what jets come with gytr ais kit?

I bought a 07 with the gytr ais kit in it already. Ive had a 07 wr450 and a 09 yz450 all with JD kits and both run prefect. This bike with the gytr needle out and the JD needle, pj and main get changed to what i had before is not working like the other bikes. My thought is that the gytr kit changes the leak or starter jet. If so I want to change them back to stock. I just dont know what comes in the gytr kit.

172 mj , 48 pj , gytr needle, 110 airjet and block off stuff

Rplace with jd jetting kit !!!! asap

second the JD jet kit, made a huge difference over stock

I have the jd kit in now but I think other stuff has been changed with the gytr kit. I want to know what came in the gytr kit so I can change it back to stock.

Noting worth replacing with stock- AIS block off plate and bungs and jets and needle as mentioned. What is the problem? List what has been done on your bike - all mods from stock . To know what has been done to ur carb you might need to pull and strip it and com pare jet size numbers with Yamaha manuel stock numbers.

Mavis0826......what exactly is wrong with the bike?

I dont want to take off the ais stuff just the jets that came in the gytr kit. The stuff done to this bike is just like my last two bikes. The last wr had all the free mod stuff and a dr d system and jd jet kit. The YZ had dr d and jd jet kit. This bike all free mod stuff dr d jd kit kit. The bike surges on steady throttle at about 1/8 to 1/4 throttle. It also has a bad decel pop. Both problems go away with the choke on. My question is did something jetting wise come in the gytr kit thats still in my bike thats causing this problem?

OK....Neither changing leak jets nor main jets is going to help.

First off, I would set up the pilot circuit and get it tuned right. This can give you a pop on decel. There is a sticky at the top. Remember when changing out pilot jets, that old ones can be varnished up, giving you a false 'size'.

Check for leaks at the exhaust header. Again, can give a decel pop.

A bike with AIS intact will pop more on decel.

Have a go at this and post back.

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