Quick question: Gas tanks

I've got a WR400F. 1999 to be exact. My big Acerbis desert tank has developed a leak. My friend has an extra tank for a WR250. It's either from a 2001 or a 2003. Will it fit?

01 yes. 03, no.

...but if you are running a YZ tank, you will lso need the WR seat if his is an OEM WR tank.

My friend has a 2000 WR 400, super clean bike, however it needs a gas tank. His has a crack right at the fuel shut off valve. Any one know if there are any other gas tank that are a direct bolt on? such as wr250 or yz? maybe a 426?

I would try to fix it with some epoxy for bumper repairs or so. There is always a chance for it not to work but it should be cheap to give it a try..

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