Should i get a weighted flywheel?

Im doing a rebuild on my bike making it better for woods riding. I have a 2004 WR450F and i was just wondering if a weighted flywheel is even worth it if i dont race. If so, which kind should i get and how heavy should it be??? Any info would be helpful, thanks:thumbsup:

In my opinion, the WR's come with a heavy enough flywheel. Are you having issues with trying to get it to hook-up? Traction on rocks? If your not racing, I say skip it. Heck, I race mine and I find no need for it either. Your results may vary. Maniac

I had a 99 YZ400F and lived in Chicago, I got a flywheel weight cause I was always stalling the bike and had zero traction in the slimy clay.. Moved back to California and took the weight off after the first ride.. I couldn't climb a hill to save my life!!

So the question is why are you considering one?

I have no problems with traction or riding, i just really had no idea what they were for and how they worked. I know how a fly wheel works, but i just never know what a weighted one did... now i dont want one haha

The WR's come stock with more weight than a YZ does, so they are "weighted" from the factory.

I had a CR250 for a while that spun the wheel so fast and was hard to control in the slop so I put a 14oz. on it and it calmed it down nicely. NO real need for the WR unless you are having issues with keeping the wheel from spinning in slop or stalling at low speed.

No problemsat all, thanks for all the info guys. I will not be getting one now that i know what they are for

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