Lights On A YZ

I do a lot of dune riding and am tired of not being able to use my 00 yz426f in the dark. I do not want them on all of the time, just when I am at the coast.

Has anyone added lights to their's? Are there wires that you can tap into for such a thing? I was thinking of getting ones that clamp on the handlebars.



You will need to add a lighting coil or lighting/stator to have lights. Some options would be: The E-line unit from BAJA designs (, an aftermarket lighting/stator coil ( or WR lighting/stator with the addition of WR flywheel (not sure about this). I have the electrex coil and it is fine for me but it mearly functions to allow me to pass tech inspection for racing enduros. It is not powerful (40 watts)!!!

The e-line unit can generate the kind of power appropriate for dune riding but is considerably more money. It is not the best looking thing I have seen, but I have riding buddies with it and they are pleased. I have not seen anybody try the WR set-up but probably is costly and if you need to change to the WR flywheel it may not be to your liking.

Goodluck, Keith

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