Need to I.D. Forks / Caliper

Whats the best way to figure out what parts have been installed on my new to me 05 WR 450?

I found (stock, un-molested) base valves that don't have the spring loaded valve assembly, and now I went to replace the front pads with stock Yamaha parts for my model year and they're too large to fit the caliper.

FWIW, pads from my 2008 WR250R fit with no issues.

I can take some pictures if it would help, but I was hoping there were some "usual" parts swaps that were done between YZ's and WR's back then that someone here would know about.

Forks are 48mm, and 05 WR/YZ guards bolt right on. Caliper is a dual piston Nissin. Brake line routes around the front of the fork leg like the newer models. Right fork has the cast projections for the odometer drive spacer.

Thanks in advance for any help, searching doesn't seem to be working real well.

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