98 yzf 400 to 426 conversion

Hello I just recently bought a 98 yzf 400 and the motor was locked up got into it and the top end looks good but I'm gonna need a rod and a few other parts. Anyway question is I heard you can turn it into a 426 for just a little more money but would I have to change my carburetor? has anyone dealt with this personally? And I also heard I could put a 450 carb on it for $400 or so thought it might help with the problems a lot of people have getting it started.. I haven't had a dirt bike in years and I'm very excited to get back on one so all your help, suggestions, comments, and recommendations are welcome and I thank you for each!!

If you have the crank rebuilt using a connecting rod for a 426, you can then use a 426 cylinder and piston, which makes it a 426. There's no compelling reason to change the carb to accomplish this swap outside the fact that a large percentage of the original 400 carbs are just not really very useable any more due to wear and deterioration, and they're fussy and difficult to work with even when they're in good shape.

A carb from an '05 or later 450 makes an excellent swap, and can be found for more like $200-250 if you look. Buy it with as much of the original hot start assembly as you can get included.

Keep track of the money you put into it, though. It's only going to be worth just so much once it's running.

Just curious, will all year model 426 parts interchange?

For the most part, yes.

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