O.T. Somebody from Massachusetts?

Hi guys.

I might move to Worcester in the next few months and would like to talk to one of you by PM about how life's going out there. I need some details about taxes, house prices, this kind of stuff.

Thank you


You do realize how these New Englanders pronounce Worcester?

They pronounce it:

Wou (like would w/o the d ) - stah

These people drop the r's in words BUT ad them in others.

For example: area (Pronounced air - ya)

here it is pronounced: air - yer...!!!

Thanks :D!!!

Yeah I heard about that pronounciation thing. Hope they are ready for some pronounciation à la french Canadian. :)

don't for get the other words we use. like potato

po-tay-ter and the famous fraze "pahk the cah in the hahvahd yahd" and Wickid pissah!! LOL ther really are only a few people who speak like that. the rest of us just do it for fun when we know there are poelpe from out of town around. :D

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to add that I am from Massachusetts. :)

Mass is great!! :)

I have lived in Woostah all my life. I s/b able to answer any questions. Let me know.

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