too tall or too small?

hey all,

i'm still running the stock gearing and i'm over shifting and constantly in too tall a gear for the section...

so if i'm always in too tall a gear for the section im on which way should i go and how much?

if i gear down i'm really not worried about losing anything on the valley crossings. my rule of thumb is i won't go past 70-75 mph.

i've never messed around with gearing. just always sort of made what i had work.

what combos are you socal guys running?

I've run the 13/48 combo in the past and liked it a lot, especially on trails where the stock gearing was just a bit too tall. The 13/48 combo also works fine with the stock chain length. With my z-Start I went back to the stock gearing and may even gear up a bit taller since it easily handles the technical sections with the stock gearing and then I'll get a bit more speed in 3rd. Here's some numbers to give you an approximate idea of the maximum speeds you'll get in each gear with the following sprocket combos. Please note these numbers are based on a maximum engine speed of 8,000 RPM among other factors.

Gearing 13/50 13/48 14/48 15/48 16/48

MPH 1st....31.....33.....35.....38.....40

MPH 2nd...45.....47.....51.....55.....58

MPH 3rd....58.....60.....65.....70.....74

MPH 4th....72.....75.....81.....87.....93

MPH 5th....86.....90.....97....104....111

Gearing 14/50 14/51 14/52 14/53 14/54

MPH 1st....34.....33.....32.....32.....31

MPH 2nd...49.....48.....47.....46.....45

MPH 3rd....62.....61.....60.....59.....58

MPH 4th....78.....76.....75.....73.....72

MPH 5th....93.....91.....89.....88.....86

thanks for the chart quadsan.

that one is getting printed as we speak.

that's going above and beyond.


I am thinking stock is 14/48. Is that correct? :)

i decided just to drop down one tooth in the rear to 47. that should give me a little more spacing between the gears and help with the overshifting issue. i'd go all the way down to 46 but i think that will pull the rear wheel back too far and screw up the handling.

I believe you are confused secret a .At first you say your geared too tall,then you end up gearing it taller? Also adding or subtracting a few teeth on the rear sprocket makes such a tiny change in handling that you probably wouldn't notice. :)

The way I understand it is that a one tooth up change in the front sprocket is equal to a 2.5 to 3 tooth change down in the rear. You will notice a difference, it will just be very small. :)

yeah, i probably didn't explain it right motochris. i have a hard time explaining my gearing issues because i've always gone on feel.

when i'm on a third gear trail with a lot of elevation change and flow, i am constantly shifting from 2nd through 4th. part of it is me but the other part is that i feel like 2nd and third each should feel a little taller. i feel like i should get a little more range out of each gear. that's my problem.

even though quadsan sent me a killer chart and gearing calc. i went ahead and shot chris blais ( )an email and asked him what he was running in district 37. he told me to drop down one tooth in the rear and that should help with my tendancy to want to overshift.

as far as dropping 2 tooths and changing the handling goes i don't even want to take the chance. while i may be a mechanical moron, i know when i am in the sweet spot with my bike setup. i have my forks flush, my suspension dialed, and run the perfect combination of air pressure and tires to give me the ride i'm looking for. if that tire moves too far forward it will throw my world out of balance. :)

back. i meant to say if that tire moves too far back.

Interesting to read what Chris two pesos worth, for what they are worth....

I find the 15/47 combo great for VERY open desert. Like Parker 250 or a 1000 run to La Paz or the Vegas to Reno. But it will chatter and even stall when hard breaking into sudden g outs or giant woops. Nite racing is a bit tougher to as the quick decent to lower revs can affect light out put when hard breaking for a sudden rut or dead dog or whatever. Thats with 200 watts!

15/48 is noticably better, and 3rd gear becomes super wide and 'cruisable' in 30-40 mph stuff. Still some stalling, but less so. Sudden down hills at night (back side of Mikes) can still get dark for a second or two. Its the gearing for most of us for most BITD - i.e. Terrible 250, or 'tougher' SCORE races like the 500. The D37 'River Run' would be a good one for this.

Tighter D37 or technical desert like the BITD 300 the 14/47 set up is sweet. Lots of hit, and a wide 3rd, but 4th wound out can still get ya to 90mph...I am surprised Chris runs the same (im an old man..).

Really tight technical desert-like Hare Scrambles (Laughlin) or tight woods-and the 13 tooth front is a god send. I've tried it with 50, 49 and 48 rear. For me the 13/50 is just to low. The bike is like a Gas-Gas trials machine. 13/49 worked great at the super technical/tuff Laughlin, to bad i didnt!

I havent had to change the chain length, although 140 rears with a tire ranked in is tight.

Front sag, and front tire pressure seem to be the crucial issue when moving that rear tire forward or rearword- i.e. handling...

Of course- this is all for an opened up bike.



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