Question about a 0 leak jet

Is there such a thing or do you just plug the leak jet hole? I've had a stalling issue with my 05 WR450. Thought it was just me, so I installed a Dynaring auto clutch, and while this helps I am still able occasinally to stall or kill the bike. It seems to be right off idle. Not sure if it might be an issue with the AP, or the fuel screw/pilot jet. The bike will accelerate from down low w/o a bog, but she really comes alive from mid to up. I have a JD kit with his recs installed, and the O ring mod done as well, as all the free mods, snorkle removed, drilled a second hole in 2nd baffle in the stock exhaust.

Yeah, just solder one closed. Shouldn't really need it, though, unless it's real cold.

After you close off the leak jet, try tuning the AP timing screw 1/2 turn CCW and see if that further improves it.

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