anyone w/ acerbis 3.2gal tank?

couple of questions--

a) does the acerbis 3.2gal tank extend so far down on the left side as to block access to the choke and hot start buttons? do you have any problems getting to the hot start quickly if you stall on the trail?

:) on the right side of the acerbis tank is there a small depression for the kickstarter to rest in, or is that just on the ty davis tank? where does the kickstarter end up on the acerbis unit? i wish acerbis had a pic on their web site of the left side while it's on the bike.

c) any other problems with the acerbis tank? how's the oil dipstick access?

thanks much,

the wrooster

'01 wr250f


- It can be a challenge to get to the choke. I moved the hot start button to the bars because of this.

- I have the '00 IMS YZ tank and it does not have the depression for the kickstarter.

- Access to the dipstick is weak at best, but with patience you can check your oil without doing anything stupid.

FWIW - The petcock is on the right. The YZ seat/IMS tank juncture is pretty steep for me at least.


Do yourself a favor and get the Clarke tank. It doesn't block the choke/hot start,it has a depression for the kickstarter, the oil dipstick is not an issue, the petcock is mounted on the left with provisions for a right mounted petcock (I have petcocks on both sides so I can drain the whole tank without shakin' and a jivin') and it is only $155.00. Mounting is clean and the natural colored one stays that way (no fuel stain). That is my honest opinion. I am sure that some may disagree but hey, that's what makes this big old world interesting.



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