yoshimura rs4 exhaust

hello guys, im looking for a new exhaust for my yz450f 2011, and im thinking about yoshimura rs4 or akrapovic exhaust, let me hear you guys what you have best experince with, and can any1 send me a link for tell me what's the increase for yoshimura is ?

i went with the Yosh on my 11...lovin it....

My choice for my 10 was the Yosh slip-on. I also added the 94db insert which eliminated the spark arrestor. This setup gave me the added top end rev I was looking for without giving up any bottom end. Great sound and quality too.

i got yosh slip-on for my 11 love it.just take a look at the quality of the yosh its second to none.

I too went with the Yosh slip on. Best improvement I have made to my '11 thus far. Better value over the Akrapovic as well.

can you guys post some pics? Are the Yosh's shorter than the stock pipes. I hate how far out the stock pipes set.

I have the 2011 version of the yosh slip-on. It is a bit long and heavy but of the ones I have tried, stock, drd full system, fmf 4.1 slip-on. This one offers the most performance in my finely tuned seat-o-the pants testing. And the quality and fit is the best also. As a side note I run with no inserts and the noise is not a problem to me. Way quieter than those stock raspy kawi exausts.:ride:



Chaz, what graphics are you running, pics?

looks good thx

One industries Delta on white plastics:ride:


One industries Delta on white plastics:ride:


Bike really looks good with the blue on white :ride:

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