Rear Sprocket Question

The bolts that hold on the rear sprocket do you guys recommend using loctite on them or just torqueing them down to the recomended 30Ft-lb ? I used loctite last time and torqued them down and had a heck of a time getting them loose. If you guys do use loctite which number ?

Thanks for your help

Dennis '99 YZ400F


I have never used locktite on the sprocket bolts. I do check them frequently and have only found them loose once (the bike was brand new). I like to check mine when I service the bike. They only take a minute to check and is well worth the time.


I would recommend using Loctite threadlocker, it won't hurt anything but will prevent them from coming off.



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If you use loctite, use blue and use it between the head of the bolt and the sprocket. Most nuts for the sprocket bolt nuts have ny-locks and you just end up boogering them up.


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After too many encounters with this thing coming lose, I switched over to a nut that has the self locking nylon insert.


Loctite is safe bet, One of my buddies put the wrong compound an was forced to drill out the holes on his sprocket to get the bolt off after he stripped out the allen heads. A good idea is to go ahead and use the Red compound and when the time comes to take the bolts off, simply heat up the end of the nut with a torch and the bolt will come right out.

Better luck next time!!


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