I want one, but I'm a little scared.

Hey, I've decided that I do want a new 01' YZ 426 but since I've been reading these postings I've become a little scared. It seems like there is a decent chance that you will get a lemon. I've always had 2-strokes, new and old, and I've never had any major problems with any bike. What some of these people are saying, hundreds or thousands of dollars of repairs, with little or no compasion from Yamaha frightens me quite a bit. I'm not made of money, and I don't want a lemon.

Has anyone actually found an extended warranty that you can purchase for this bike, and if so, about what does it cost??

Any advice would be great. I don't really want to spend 5-6K and then have to dump a bunch in for repairs. :-(

If I don't get a YZF, my other choices are a YZ 250 (2-stroke) or a KTM (2-stroke)..

Thanks for your time.


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Hey bud, don't be scared!! I'll tell you at first when I got my bike coming off a 00 CR250 I was stalling the bike, it was hard to start, I fouled a plug. :) But I replaced the plug got some riding time on the bike both on MX track and woods and I love the bike. I still have my CR and I won't ride it because my YZ is such a fun bike to ride. :D

Also my bike is bone stock except a WB E series pipe, stock carb settings and I've had no problems. The nice thing about this sight is that if you have a problem you post a question and you typically get some real good informative responses. If you was to go to a KTM smoker sight you would probably see the same type of questions about problems that a KTM has.

Good luck with your decision, I will email you when we get the liability paperwork taken care of at our club track here in PA.



Don't let these guys scare you. Keep in mind that people come from all over to discuss potential problems on this forum. For the thousands and thousands of bulletproof YZ400/426, there's bound to be maybe a few bad ones, as rare as that is. Also keep in mind that you get these long drawn out discussions regarding the same subjects - jetting, clutch, starting. I have come to a cunclusion that these particular bikes have transformed a lot of 2 strokes guys into thumpers.Myself included. With that, there's always a learning curve. This learning curve can definetly attribute to some if not most of these problem areas. If you fan the clutch like a 2-stroke - order the Hinson now. If you can't start your 250 - get the e-start KTM. If you can't get out of the habit of giving it gas as you kick - buy a case of plugs right away. You must learn this bike. Don't touch the clutch and lug her and watch yourself overshoot the landings.

OK - sorry for the rambling. Anyway - regardless of what bike you buy, you'll always discover a few problem areas with that particular model. The same can be said for any piece of machinery. Sh*t - I bought a $35K Grand Cherokee and had to deal with recalls and warranty work. Surf around this site and you'll see supposed problems with all of them. This time next year, we'll have another area where everybody is bitchin' about their CR450F (that's what you guys get for jumping ship,it's inevitable - I wonder how Ryno likes looking at Ferry's back fender) :)

Anyway - whatever bike you choose will be a great bike. Just remember, that's your decision.

Enjoy and good luck.


well if you dont want to spend a ton buy mine its a 01 426, I dont want to sell it but I need the cash am getting divorced. I have only had it for 5 weeks, its super clean and adult owned.. 4550.00 is a super deal..


My Dealer offered a 3yr extended warranty. This is not through Yamaha, but someother inusrance carrier( I can't remember the name). If I recall it was about 3 hundie. A little step, but I too was skeptical in the begining...I have yet to have one problem in the 5 months I have owned my bike.


Two-Wheel Thrill!

You must learn this bike. Don't touch the clutch and lug her and watch yourself overshoot the landings.

Odie, that is an awesome post...my feelings as well. I didn't quite understand the "don't touch your clutch and lug her and watch yourself overshoot the landings." I'm new to my 426 and what you just said I don't quite understand. Could you explain it a little more so that I don't have a bad experience



By all means, go for it. There is a learning curve with the bike, and it seems to be no less reliable than any other bike I've owned.

By the way, there are a few of us here from Wilmington, and we'd be happy to share any our experiences with you.


I was simply stating some things that I have learned about the 426. First, I never use the clutch - aside from when I start off. This bike has such an incredibley broad powerband that it's pretty much a two speed. 3rd and 4th is all I usually need. I rode a very tight supercross track last week and was able to use 3rd for everything. After hearing my buddies banging gears everywhere, I fealt like I was cheating. When I said lug it, that's what I meant. Ride it through the corners a gear higher than usual - it'll pull it. As far as overshooting your landings, that's what I was doing. The way this bike torques out of corners is very deceptive. You don't get the same feeling of acceleration or speed because everything that's associated with speed is gone. There's no clutch fanning, tire spinning or bees buzzing. Man - with the 426 - just relax, pick a line (any line will do), keep the throttle on and torque it on out. You're gone. Chances are you will over-clear the jumps until your brain recalculates the speed. I am relatively new to this whole thumper thing. I am learning more and more with each ride. I love watching my buddies work their ass' off trying to get away from me. And I love hearing them bitch that they can't hear their bikes. I let my best freind ride it, now he's dumping his 2 stroke and looking for a 426. After that, I swore I wouldn't let anyone else ride it. I need every advantage I can get. :)



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Hey Chris711,

Thanks for the advice. I live in Rehoboth Beach, but we ride up at Tower City (about 2 1/4 hours north of Wilmington) I would love to get together with you guys, especially if you all ride YZF's. I'm sort of in between bikes right now, it's a long story but I think I can give the Reader's Digest. :)

I'm getting 5K from the sale of my grandmother's house in PA, whenever it sells. About 4 weeks ago some people put a contract on the house and it really looked as thought the house was going to sell on 5/31. Since then I sold my bike (97' KX 250) in hopes of getting a new YZF sometime in June. Now the people may back out of the deal, and I'll have to get something used and cheap till someone else buys the house, I'll know tomorrow. If the deal goes through, I'm going to call Yamaha dealers till I find a good deal on a YZ 426.

When I get a bike, I'd love to ride with you guys. I might be a pain though, I'm sure to be like a sponge soaking up YZF information like it's going out of style.

Talk to you later.


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I'll be one to tell you that my experience on a 426 was of the "sour" kind. I bought an 00 and have raced for over 15 years. I meticulously do maintenance and for two months rode the 426 with great joy. I loved it and I am four stroke converted all the way. But, after two months, the tranny lost fourth gear. I thought, OK, let's see if Yamaha knows about any problems with this thing. Talking to YMC was like talking to an automated touch tone recording. Same story, no reported problems and they weren't offering me an compensation towards the 800.00 repair bill. But, as I've learned, repairs are inevitable and I know I bought a race bike, so that was really alright. The thing that wasn't alright was that I was told that the gear and another Counter Balance gear that was chewed up in the process was backordered for 2 months. Yea, this is the end of May00 and I am being told this. So, my bike sat for the whole month of June and July in a shop and I was seriously bummed. August 1st came and I paid the 800.00 and had my bike back. I sold it and haven't owned Blue ever since.

What have I learned? I learned that there were many other tranny failures that were third and fourth gear related. I learned that in my opinion YMC chose to ignore a problem with heat treating the gears in early production that allowed this to happen to many people. It happened to my good friend on his 00 YZ250 (fourth pinion gear) and he worked for a Yamaha shop at the time. I've learned that Yamaha fixed many problems that were inherant with early 00426's in later units produced. I also learned that the 01 426 has been somewhat trouble free from gearbox and clutch basket problems. Does this make it all right? No. Look at what Cannondale did for the people that bought the first releases. They recalled every one of them and had them shipped back to the factory for updates. You spend 8 grand for a bike, that's what the company should do.

My advice to you is do your homework and definitely go with an 01 over an 00. That's just me John. Many people reading this post know my story because I've said it so many times. I thought that my discention towards YMC would fade, but I am boarding Big Red next year and for reasons of loyalty. They took care of me in the past and I'd pay 10 grand for the new 450 just to prove a point.

I have to admit that when Honda comes out with their 250 thumper I'll be on it. This 426 hasn't caused me many problems but it has more power than I need on my local tracks. I seldom get out of 3rd gear and rarely open it wide open.

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