Finally... replaced the burned carcass

For those of you who remembered by 01 WR426 lighting on fire, I will be changing my picture soon to a 2003 WR450. It's slightly used, but the free mods are done + jetting + chain + sprokets + exhaust plug + pro tapers + this really cool little button that wakes up the engine without a struggle.

SWEET! Glad it worked out for you GrahamO!! :)


Please let me know how you think it compares to the WR426.

Are you going to stay with the stock gas tank? :):D

yeah, I keep hearing something about cracking...? Wouldn't want anything BAD to happen! :)

Sorry, couldn't resist...


By the way...did you have to change insurance companies???

Bonzai :):D

Glad to here you got a new bike. Your burning bike story and pictures is a classic and hopefull a one time incident.

I think the flash point of these new WR's is higher. :)

Cool glad to hear you are back in the saddle. Are you going to mount a fire extinguisher on your new ride? :)

Don't replace your's a classic!! :)

I agree, do not replace your picture. :)

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