I was thinking about changindg a tire and came up w/some ideas that would make it easier:

1. EASY WAY TO PREVENT SCRATCHING THE RIM-first let the air out and break the bead, then on the side you will be prying on the tire put a think tape all around the rim folding it around the inner side of the rimm and also the outter. You may have to put a couple of layers depending how thick it is(I used a masking tape and then covered it w/duct tape so I wouldnt have to clean the rim of the resadue from the duct tape) Then when you put the tire back on when it on then simply remove the tape.

2. PREVENTING PINCHING OF THE TUBE- Go to the local hardware store and get a thin layer of foam and stuff it around the tube where you will be using the tire irons to put on tire back on(You can use a piece of double sided tape to have the foam stick to the tube)

3. PUTTING A TIRE ON W/CLAMPS-I have never tryed this and it might not work, I was thinking you get the twist clamps maybe 8 or so and just tighten them all aroung until the tire is on using a leverage bar to make them extra tight? I am not sure this one works???

Pavel my boy,

Did you ever consider making a homemade tire changing stand in order to gain better leverage?

I used an old truck tire rim, threaded rod, nuts and plywood to make a clamp down stand that will hold the motorcycle rim in place. Then use the right tire irons, lubrication, heating of tire (in sun or with a portable heater) and proper mounting techinque.

You are applying some thought to the process and I applaud your effort. You may come up with something new. :)

I have no problems changing tires but when I am changing my new black excells I dont want to slip and scratch them.

Don't they make plastic rim guards?

I just use four 15" tire spoons and plenty of soapy water inside and out. Pre-inflate the tube partially and with spoons and soapy water and I've never pinched a tube. I also run two rim locks on the back.

Plastic rim guards: I take a milk jug or any heavy plastic container and cut out 3" x 5" sections.

Polishing the working part of the tire iron can also help it work more effectively and help to minimize the chance of pinching a tube.

I just use an old rear tire in place of a tire stand. Keeps it all a few inches off the ground.

Make sure the bead is broken, put the rim lock at 10am position and start prying at high noon. sprocket side up first. soap and water. if you are having trouble, make sure all the bead is off the rim!

I use a pair of vice grips with tape on the jaws (I don't know why, my back wheel looks like hell) to hold the bead as I work my way around with a 15" tire iron. WD40 to lube the bead and an hour or so in the sun prior to mounting. I've pinched a boat load of tubes (I'd be screwed at the ISDE :)) but I'm getting better :D. The last couple of times I've lined the inside of the tire with an old tube so I haven't actually had a flat for awhile. :D I also run the heavy duty tubes (Fly).

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