How can I get more top end power?

So I bought a 2011 yz450f and I read many reviews on the 4th and 5th gear being flat so I'm trying to figure out how I can get more 4th and 5th gear power for those long wide open desert rides

forgot to mention this bike has a serious hit in first second and 3rd gear it responds excellent with the twist of the throttle

go downilll on 4th and get it to redline and shift to 5th it should be going pretty smooth lol get an exhaust pipe a k&n filter and a 50 tooth rear sprocket

The OEM muffler seems to be the limiting factor on the '10/'11. They use a sudden reduction in diameter at the end of the outlet as a noise cheat, and it ends up clipping power on top. The header, OTOH, seems to be just fine, so a well made slip-on is usually enough.

what kind of slip on do u suggest

I put a FMF GYTR on mine and it opened up the top a little. If you don't mind spending a extra few bucks put on a yosh

i have a 50t rear sprocket and pro circuit exhaust and mine hits better on top now

are you looking for more "hit" at the top of the rpm range or more speed?

More speed.

if your looking for more top end speed a slip on exhaust may help a little, but gearing is the way to go. Try going down a tooth or 2 on the rear sprocket size.

If i was buying a new exhaust i would go with the FMF they have great top end one of the cheapest places i found my is at this web site. here is a link then in the search type FMF


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