Attn CA Dual Sport Guys...

In the #47 (November 29) issue of Cycle News there is a write-up on a WR400F Dual Sport Project Bike. It's a very informative article, but a side note really caught my attention.

Below is the full text of the side note for your enjoyment:


DMV Chicanery?

After installing the Baja Designs kit and all the goodies on his Yamaha WR400F, Jeff Hain headed down to the DMV with the proper paperwork - as instructed by the company, which does hundreds of dual sport conversions each year - to get his license tags. A quick run down to his local office turned into a runaround, however, as officials attempted to deny his application for license plates.

"I went down there and presented the paperwork, and the lady behind the counter said to me, We can't do this, it's not legal,"' Hain said. "I explained to her that this was the paperwork I was told to fill out in order to get the tags, but she told me that I needed to do more paperwork and that she didn't really have to give me tags."

Perplexed, Hain asked for the DMV agent to show him the traffic code on the books that referred to her authority to deny the application. According to him, the agent then went over to a large book - presumably the vehicle code - and began to thumb through it. Several minutes later, he says that she returned and stated that while she did not have the time to find the exact section of the code, that the law was in there, and that she did not have to accept the application. Smelling a rat, Hain asked to see her supervisor, and was once again told the same story. Not liking the answer, he wound up speaking to the head man in the office, with all three agents then going through the books again but not finding any information to back them up. Finally, according to Hain, the head honcho told him that while the DMV "didn't have to grant the application," he would 'go ahead and posh it through."

The WR is now a legally titled and licensed street bike. As such, it is also a fully insured streetbike, as required by California state law. Hain estimates his premium for full coverage to be at $100 per year.

The moral of the story? "The DMV said that they don't do it any more, but that's not true," Hain said. "The people at Baja Designs tell me that they have never had any problems, but I did. The bottom line is that the bike meets the requirements in the law It's fully legal."

I registered my '99 back in Jan of '00 - absolutely no problems at the Long Beach DMV on Willow Ave. Mine was the first time the lady had done a dual reg so it took about 45 mins.



Did you use the Baja Designs kit?



P.S. I live right by CSLB

Yes, I used the Baja Designs kit. No problems whatsoever.



Did you install the whole kit.

Or did the DMV or CHP perform an inspection that necessitated all of the additional items.

Since I would probably take most of the stuff back off, I want to perform the minimum requirements.


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