Me too! That IT Desert was a tough one!

I spent an hour with a local ISDE veteran and he was patient enough to show the little tricks. Tip #1: get good tire levers short enough to fit in tool pouch and long enough to give good leverage.

And good job to whomever resurrected the 8 year old thread!

I've changed 100's of tires, but after mounting a new Maxxis desert IT that was cold, since it's practically winter here, I almost swore off tire changing.

That was a stiff sidewall!

There are a lot of tire change mount out there, but I have found that the right sized garbage can, plastic or metal makes a great mount for the rim. It's already the proper height from the ground and you don't have to worry about bending the rotor. Whether you use dishwashing soap, WD40, a lubricant is alway helpful, as is a more flexible warm tire. Baby powder on the tube is an excellent choice of tube lube and it smells nice too. Taking your time and taking small bites, making sure the bead fits down in the center of the rim when levering it on and being careful not to extend the lever too far into the rim will virtually eliminate pinched tubes. Watch out for the teeth on the rear sprocket, they bite.

one of these and a pair of tire irons is all I need, if it's hard work, your doing it wrong


Tried my first tire last week - didn't get the info on the Maxxis IT until after the fact. Got it all back together but pinched the tube - bummer. Went to the shop to get a new tube and was told for $15 they would do it. Paid the $15 - I'll try again next time.

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