Converting my 99 WR400 to YZ450F body Kit - Project in Progress

My buddy owns a parts store on ebay and I can't resist the temptation to let a full yz450f kit go in separate pieces. :lol:

He's giving me all this for 200.00 : full plastics kit in good shape with all bolts and hardware, sub frame, air box, aftermarket oversize blue yz tank (still not sure if it's clarke or IMS), and the complete seat.:lol:

I know this conversion IS possible but will require SOME modification. Anyone who's gone down this road care to offer a brother some helpful insight and warnings about which problem areas with fitting to address first?:ride:

I'll update this thread after I get all the goods next week and begin the tear down/rebuild process. (I've seen a lot of threads on here about Wr-YZ conversions with many years but very few pictures come of it.)

Lots of info on here and on the YZ side...about the only non-bolt on part of the gig is the tank. You need to make some brackets to pick up the old locations and new tank brackets. There's a template on one of the posts. You may have to do some bending of the tabs on the radiators that the shrouds pick up. The 400s are at a different angle than the 426/450s...or use 426/450 radiators. The 400 subframe has a bracket for the rear brake reservoir. 450 frame doesn't as there isn't a remove reservoir on the 450 master cylinder. You can either have a tab welded on or run a 450 master cylinder. Finally, the WRs have brackets to mount the radiator catch tank. If you're using YZ parts, you will either have to have brackets welded on or not run the catch tank (like the YZs do).


Thanks for the info man! I have read many posts in the YZ and WR forum indicating the areas you mentioned but not specifically for my WR400 to the '03 YZ450 components, so... I appreciate the rundown. It sounds like you've done this mod yourself? got any pics?

I won't have my parts until next week so I'll upload some photos to help others out. Like I said I've seen LOTS of posts about this idea for various years of conversion but FEW pics of before, during, and after shots. My goal is to make it the thread finally gives visuals.

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