2009 450 Buying Help

I just ran across a bone stock 2009 450 for $4,200. It was only ridden one time for about 4 hours. It's been sitting in the sellers garage for about one year. What's everyone think? Good deal or not? I am thinking of selling my 2005 CRF450R and upgrading.

I would say that is a good deal if the seller is telling you the trueth. I still see 08 450's in great shape going for 4 grand 4500 range.

That's an OK deal, but it better look almost new with only 4 hours on it. Got any pics?

I bought a 09 Yz450 with the same story $3k couple months ago. 4200 is average price not a great deal for a private party Other then the low hours but if you went to buy a 09 left over from a dealer it would be much higher then 4200 so maybe it would be worth it.

On a side note, I went from an '05 crf450r to my '09 yz450f and I love my yz !

That's an OK deal, but it better look almost new with only 4 hours on it. Got any pics?

I have not seen the bike yet. I will post a few pics after I see it, probably sometime this weekend. I would think the tires would still have the titties :ride: on them if it's still as new as they say it is.

Make sure its all stock parts to include tires and check to see how much boot rub i has on frame, cases, etc. Also look under bike at frame and engine case to see condition. I've seen a lot of bikes advertised as being almost new with a few hrs., but the bike says otherwise. Also look inside aircleaner for dirt in box and filter and just basic area's for maint. Also check engine oil and oil filter if he will let you. Just make sure he is not unloading a problem.

I went from an 05CRF450R to an 07YZ450F. I like the Yamaha allot better! Much easier to ride.

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