09 yz450f oil overflow..? Need help

Hey guys. Please help me if anyone has any info. I recently just made the switch to 4 strokes and am new to four stroke maintnance. I rode the bike about 1.2 hrs and changed the oil. I drained it from the Left side just below the Oil Fill, and I drained it from the right side underneath my skid plate. I went on to put 1full bottle of yamalube in. After doing so I noticed a tiny bit of oil had dripped from the bike when it was in the back of my truck today.... I double check both drain bolts and there tight. Could I have not drained all the oil and went on to add to much? Is there a Oil Overflow tube? Could it be the gold torque washers are no good? Please help

should i just leave the bike cold and drain the oil and re-do?

You need to follow the manual's procedure when you change the oil in the bike. if you need a manual, you can download one for free here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=54475

Not sure if you're aware, but the filter and drain bolts are sensitive to over-torqueing. Use a torque wrench, save some grief later.

(didn't read that you changed the filter, but I hope so if that's 1.2 hours from new)

I would also not use Yamalube except for break-in. Might want to consider a synthetic like Motul 5100.

The bike only takes a full bottle(liter) when you change the filter too, and it is not uncommon for excess oil to be pushed out through the head breather tube that comes along down the left side of the bike. It also helps to run the bike for a couple minutes before you drain to oil.

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hey ya i have a manual and followed the procedures and I did warm the bike up for a couple minuites before draining. Im just nervouscause I seen a bit of leakage in my truck.

Np. it's just probably a little over-filled. I wouldn't sweat it the oil level this time around, but I would change the filter and get the bigger pieces out of the catch screen (per the manual) if you haven't done that yet.

The bike takes 1 full quart without changing the filter and 1 full liter when you do, so it isn't overfilled. If the crush washers are damaged it will continue to leak, but the odds are more likely that you either spilled oil on the skid plate, or you have a drop or two coming from the breather, neither of which is a concern.

I'd just double check the crush washers - if they are weeping a little, just change next time you change the oil.

Mine usually has a couple of drips from the breather after getting it warm for the first time after changing the oil, and is nothing to worry about. Oil always looks a lot more on the floor than has actually been lost - a couple of drips make a big mark.

I vote skid plate run-off. It caught me off gaurd the first time too.

On the other hand, any time you suspect a leak, keep your eye on the oil level.

also keep an eye on the bolt threads and cranckase threads

i recomend using loctite tape to seal it

I vote skid plate run-off. It caught me off gaurd the first time too.


My '09 has 85 hours on it and I'm still on the original crush washers. Not that they shouldn't be replaced, but they're not leaking.

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