What bike should I keep. 05 or 06

I'm in a dilemma here. I have two bikes, I am selling one so I can get my son his first car. I have an 05 and 06 YZ450's. The problem is I don't know witch one to sell. The 05 is absolutely pristine. The 06 obviously has some nice updates. The 06 needs a little love, fork seals, front brake rotor and levers. The hubs, rims and spokes are also dull and dingy. Man if the 06 was as clean as the 05 there wouldn't even be a second thought.... ugh I wish I could keep them both.

Swap the wheels and levers from the '05 to the '06 (use the '06 rear wheel spacers and axle) and keep the '06.

If it were me, I would keep the better of the two. But like grayrace said, u can swap the wheels between the two bikes. And with a little tlc, u'll have a nice 06. I prefer the newer style plastic myself. I just upgraded from my 2000 yz426 and my 05 yz250f to an 08 yz450f and love the newer look.

If the 05 is that much better, then keep it.

Yeah I am going to keep the 06. Don't get me wrong both bikes are in great condition. If I had to grade them the 05 would be a 9 out of 10 and the 06 8.5 out of 10. I also prefer the newer plastic style.

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