Oil consumption?

I did a search and never did find just what I was looking for so I'll ask and see what I get.

I have a 2004 WR450F and it's losing oil. No leaks, no noticeable smoke on fire up or that I can see riding but with a little over 100 miles on the street and about 15 off road it went from right on the full mark to barely touching the stick. When I got it it was really low on oil but since I didn't know really how often it got checked I let it slide.

It's not huffing out the vent hose, not putting oil on the plug, least not enough to notice. Runs great, least I think it does.

I'm checking the oil by the book and I've watched it creep down the stick since I changed the oil. Given no leaks it has to be burning it, just slowly enough to not be obvious smoke or plug fouling wise.

I have no idea how long it's been since a rering and the guy I bought it from doesn't know either except that he never did one.

How much oil loss is normal on one of these? If it's just normal I'll leave it alone but if it's rings time I'll just keep oil in it until this August when I take the dog days off from dirting. Then decide what atrocities I commit to the poor thing, muahahahahaha!!!!

Thanks in advance!

A couple of possibilites.

One: Are you waiting a couple minutes with the bike completely upright, with the engine off before checking the oil level? This allows the oil to work it's way back down into the frame and gives you the proper reading.

Two: If the engine is tired and needs rings, one of the things that is happening is that while your engine is running, fuel is "blowing" past the rings and diluting the oil, making it read higher than normal. Then when taken for a blast out on the highway, the thinned oil gets sucked up into the engine and burned, giving you a low reading!

Is this possibly what is happening with your bike?

I'm not letting it sit any amount of time, I shut it off and go straight for the stick keeping it upright the whole time. Plus I check it the same way every time, straight from the manual. I'll try it waiting a couple of minutes and see if that changes anything.

I doubt it gas diluting but anythings possible. No smell in the oil plus it's been going down fairly consistently since I changed it.

Of course I have no idea what one feels like with fresh rings either and the poor girl has had a well ridden life, I can't imagine what it's going to feel like when I freshen it!

Mine started doing the same thing before I did the top end...if you can have someone follow you, you will probably notice some smoke at high rpm's...not a fan of giving it a big free rev to check....but...you can...

I tried just rings and a hone, but it didn't last, and then started doing same thing again....rings/piston/cylinder fixed it up.

The intention is to pull it down and see how it looks, I'm counting on doing the piston and rings, replace the valve seals while I'm there maybe get the old carbides out and clean up the head ports if they could use it. I'm hoping that I won't need to replace the cylinder, but time will tell!

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