low engine temperature???

Hi all!

I've got the trailtech vapor installed on my bike more than a year now.

The normal operating engine temp is around 70-90 C (160-195F).

The last few days, when i start the engine to get the bike warm up, it take too long to go to 38C (100F) than before... then hardly gets to 50C-60C (120F-140F) but when ride the bike, the engine temp drops below 38C (100F) in seconds! Has anyone the same problem before?

I did no changes on the bike

I reset the vapor but no luck..

Hi Char, I see up to 90C on my Vapor when stuck in traffic (supermoto), usually while riding it's 55-70C, the sensor is fitted after the cooler (under the left side tank cover if I remember) so I see the lowest temp, I guess yours is the same, I even bought Boyesen water pump to help out cooling but haven't fitted it yet

First off make sure it's full of coolant. If the coolant level is below the sensor then it won't read correctly. Since mine reads in the coolant hose coolant level isn't as critical for it to read but if you have the radiator probe version then it's critical. If low then refill and check your temps. Then fix the leak.

With no other changes and if no coolant leak then the next thing I'd do is make sure the Vapor is reading accurate. You can get thermometers at auto parts stores so you can check it directly.

kloss, my sensor is fitted on the left side but before the cooler.. i get the highest temp of oil...

also i've check my coolant level and it's ok.. and my sensor reads in the coolant hose too...

i've check the wiring and it's ok..

probably my sensor has the problem...

and another question... how often do you guys change your coolant fluid??

What the outside air temps?


outside temp around 30C - 86F

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