Long legs - need comfortable riding pants

The elastic cuff on regular pants ride about mid calf. This leaves very little room in the knee area. I am using the smallest knee pads possibleand when I bend at the knee the pants bind up around the knee. I was thinking of going to a baggy style of pant. I tried a few kinds on and they are too short. They look funny with 1/2 my riding boot showing. Is there any other long legged riders out there and what solutions/suggestions do you have?

what is your in seam

38 in's . Thanks for the reply

man good luck I have a 34 and its hard try some shift squadron or assaults there long

You might look at Moose. I have their vented pants, and while they are still a bit short for my 36" inseam, at least they don't have a cuff at the bottom like my Fox's and MSR's. Try them on first if you can, 'cause mine came skinnier than I thought I was. :)

Go try on some 03 msr pants. Those are the biggest pants I have ever put on and they're made for people who wear knee braces. They have huge knees. I wear 34 inseam and these pants go clear to my ankles. They're about 4 inches longer than the 02 pants.

Thanks for the reply guys. I knew i wasn't the only one with this problem.

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