magura clutch safety switch

just installed a magura jack hyd. clutch setup. the stock clutch safety switch that comes on the bike does not fit in the magura master cylinder. found the magura switch #0128500 that is "off when plunger is in rest position".i believe this is there way of refering to it being "normally open". wondered if anybody could clarify/confirm this as i am assuming it is the one i need. thanks jlow

jlo I just removed the switch and wire tied it behind the headlight assembly when I installed my magura.

Right now the switch is unplugged, but the e-start only works in neutral. I can't start it in gear with the clutch pulled in. I also don't want to permanently jump the switch out because then the starter can run anytime the button is pushed. Jlow

when you say the switch is unplugged, do you mean at the harness end or at the lever end, mine is just unplugged at the lever end and it will start in gear or anytime for that matter which isn't a big deal to me, I have rode it this way for a while now and it works great.

Plug the switch back in, and simply bundle it up behind the headlight or cut the wires, solder together and shrink wrap.

The Magura switch will work if you want the interlock to operate.

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