05 WR450 starting problems

Are there fuses on these bikes? i stalled my 05 out today and after that the red light on the ignition switch would not light up in neutral and the e start would not do a thing. I was able to kick start it though without any problems. Ideas? thanks a lot

Well you hav ebeen out to dry for over a day, so I will share my knowledge, although I am not the resident expert.

You do have 1 fuse, it is under your seat. 10A. The other spot is a spare fuse holder, don't worry if it is empty.

Your red ignition light will not illuminate if the voltage at the ignition circuit is too low (below 12v maybe?). It also turns off after your bike is started.

Your highest current draw device on the bike is the starter- BY FAR. Your bike will run without much juice in the battery or coming from the charging system, but it won't e-start without a lot of juice stored up. Your next step should be to check the battery voltage (under your seat again), and then check it while the bike is running. Your stator/rotor produce AC current and voltage and your rectifier converts it to DC so the battery can use it. The regulator limits the draw on the charging system to keep the battery properly charged. One of these components I just mentioned is probably not working.

Under 12v not running = dead battery. Charge it up and continue testing.

Under 12.9v running = starter system output too low. Your voltage output should be 12.9-15v depending on RPM and load.

If your voltage while running is low you will have to check your regulator and rectifier. You may also want to check your stator. If you can get a decent ohmmeter, check the resistance between the yellow and white wires after you unplug the two wire connector between your fuel tank and the frame, left (clutch) side of the bike. This will measure the resistance through the coils of your stator (caller the AC magneto in the FSM). Should be approximately .27-.48 ohms. You won't be able to measure it that accurately anyway, just make sure it is not zero or a high number (like 20 or infinity!).

Thanks for all of the great info Rogue. I will get on this over the weekend. You live on the Rogue River? My brother lives in Grants Pass. Real cool area anyways thanks a lot for the info

No I don't live in that area but I hunt there and I think it is beautiful...

I live near portland.

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