Yamaha 2nd Line CSR Management Says: Take a Walk!

Hey Guys,

Here's a fine example of the outstanding customer service at Yamaha!

As you all know, I have been having clutch issues with my 2000 426. After purchasing $600.00 worth of genuine Yamaha Parts:

1. Clutch Fibers

2. Clutch Plates

3. Pressure Plate Springs

4. 01 Upgrade Parts

5. Clutch Cable

and installing a Hinson Basket, I turned to Yamaha with the following:

I requested reimbursement for these parts on the following grounds:

Since I purchased the bike in August of 2000, I have had nothing but problems with it. I've had overheating, jetting, and clutch issues. These are witnessed by experienced riders. After about 7 hours, the bike was unridable because of the clutch.

When I engaged Yamaha in February, they told me to bring it to the dealer for inspection. The Yamaha CSR told me she would call the dealer, let them know what was up, and to go in for inspection. When I got to the dealer, they knew nothing about my bike and any discussion with Yamaha. I yo-yo'd back and forth three times like that, quoting each sides contact name. Everyone looked at me like I'm crazy.

Finally, I got that straightened out, and set an appointment. The day before I was to bring the bike in, I called the dealer to confirm the appointment. They acknowledged. I told them I wanted to be there to watch them open the bike, and inspect the parts. They told me "NO". I said What???

They told me it was against YAMAHA's policy to allow customers to inspect any type of potential warranty issue. I couldn't watch them work on the bike, couldn't see the parts come out, nor could I inspect them.

Immediately red flags came up! I didn't send the bike to the dealer, instead I did the job myself, according to the manual and with y'all's help, and the help of a friend who is experienced with this.

Now that the bike is fixed, Yamaha is saying good we are happy, but because I did the repairs, I have no claim, and they aren't going to pay for the parts, despite what is in writing all over the place.

In short, the CSR Manager said: " You want your money back, take us to court. "

What kinda company is this???

I don't know what I'm gonna do about this, but I can say this-



This is exactly why a lot of riders going from Blue, and turning RED---both in Facial color, and in what they ride!

Cya Yamaha, fool me once same on me, fool me twice---I DON'T THINK SO!


YZ426 Kicks

YZ426 Kicks, I understand your frustration as I am involved with a similar nightmare with my 2001WR426 that explodes flywheels & stators, twice, with 4 rides on the bike. The interesting part that I have found from my experience is that each dealer operates differently. The local dealer which has a reputation for crappy customer service swapped the parts out the first time. My tuner exchanged old for new. The dealer wanted to charge me for the labor which I thought was ludicriss, so I refused & the dealer swapped the parts no charge, we put them on. So, on the very next ride the same thing happened again, flywheel & stator both exploded. I contacted the (Good cust. svc.)dealer where I bought the bike - 100miles away. Yesterday, I brought the bike to them, they assured me the bike would be taken care of. Here is the funny thing: According to this dealer when you become a AUTHORIZED yamaha dealer, according to the dealer rules set up by Yamaha Corp.,you can not allow swapping parts for warranty w/o installing the part. Even spark plugs must be installed, if warranteed by the dealer.

Oh, and guess what? Not only do they get warranty reimbursement back from Yamaha for the parts they also get reimbursed for the labor, by Yamaha. Here is the main grabber - the bike is 6mo's old from purchase date. Slightly out of warranty huh? My advice to you, even though you are at your wits end would be..... When you had the issue in Aug/sept/oct/nov, that would have been the ideal time to address. But still a decent dealer would address afterwards. In Feb, that would have been the time to find another dealer that wants to earn your business & provide decent to good customer service, because, apparently this particular dealer could care a less about you or your problem And yes, the communication between the CSR & the dealer did sux. I can see how it would be difficult to pay you now for the parts you bought then. The only way to get Yamaha to replace for no charge is to let them do the breakdown, as I am finding out & frankly, I do not have a problem with at this point. I do not see why it is a issue for you to be there - that is BS - dealertalk. I do not blame you for turning to the Red side - but please realize there are other dealers that do care about return customer business & loyality. I hope you and other unhappy blue owners can locate them as I have. Good luck


First let me apologize to everyone for the lengthy reply.

The nice thing about buying a product from a large manufacturer is that there are many options. You can buy from one dealer and take it some place else if that certain dealer does not treat you right when it comes time for service work. Of course we have all heard about the fairy tale story when the guy has been buying at the same place for years so when it comes time for a "favor" he is right at your side. Personally I am still looking for THAT type of dealer around here....with little success.

Anyway, I do understand your fustration and problems you have gone through. However there was a few comments made that struck my attention. First: Your anger and resentment for Yahmaha is apparent. You remind us every post of this. But is it really Yahmaha's fault? What about the 90% of us that have the same bike with Zero problems? Does this make me buy Yahmaha for life? Of course not. But I like it just the same. Will I run out and buy the next shiny machine that comes out? Nope, because I don't have the justification(or the money) to do so.

Secondly: I don't know what kind of vehicle you drive, not that it matters, but when was the last time you walked out into the service area of your local Chevy dealer and stuck your head under the hood with the mechanic and watched him tear apart your engine so you can learn how/ or see what the parts look like coming apart? Probably not latley. Know why? Because GM has a rule that customers can't be out in the service area bugging the mechanics all the time. I am sure there is a saftey aspect in there also, but I have not known anyone to ridicule GM for this rule. That is just how it is. I bet if you would have asked the guy before he pulled bike apart to save any old parts that he replaced, he would have shown you.

Thirdly: Let's referece the auto industy again. Try replacing a bunch of parts on your car/or truck, then bringing them to GM or Ford or who ever.... then demand them to be covered under warranty. See how far you get. I bet you won't get far. The warranty only covers parts and labor that is performed by the dealer. If not, who's to say that everytime you show up with a bucket of parts it was their fault? Usually, the mechanics at the dealers (motorcycle and auto) know what they are doing when it comes to replacing parts, they know how the thing comes apart and what to watch for when it comes to putting it back together so other parts do not get ruined in the process. Personally, I do not trust anyone but myself to work on my bikes/vehicles, but when it is under warranty, I let them handle it. If for some reason I feel that they did not use their best judgment, or did not replace something that should be replaces, I would take it apart myself to investigate. If you do not have the background to do so, you will have to trust them. I know you are new to the game of dirt bikes, and such knowlege will come with time and experience. There is nothing wrong with that, everyone has to go through the learning curve.

I just think that you should look at the big picture, a little bigger than just your or a couple of guy's problems before the entire company gets labled "terrible". I know it is easy for me to say, I have not had to deal with Yahmaha on this bike.

I just hope this helps you to look at things with a little bit of an open mind.

Take care


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I agree with Tim completely. Warranty regulations are very strict at any company. I you have any hope at all of getting free repairs or money back you had better play by the rules. Randy, no offense but you clearly did not. I understand your frustration, but don't hold it against Yamaha, they told you thay would look at it for you. Unfortunately you chose to undertake this yourself. Perhaps if you let the mechanic do his job you would have a few hundred extra bucks layin' around! Good Luck!


Just like I said last year...... Yamaha will pay for nothing once you monkey with the bike.

I feel badly for you Randy - at least you did with your clutch what I did with my carb.

Just a matter of money - right???

... good luck to all others...

Rubber down, rippin ruts....


Comming from the service end of my dealership, I for one think that everyone should know that Yamaha "Goodwills" (gives away) more repairs and parts than Suzuki or Honda. Kawasaki is right there with goodwilling things. My dealership has all four brands, and Triumph, and we deal with things like that all day.

Sure, the dealer can "bend" some rules some of the times. But you gotta work with them. Service personel are the most abused, underpaid, and underappreciated individuals in the motorcycle industry.... until you want something. I am biased to all three sides of the pyramid: Manufacturer, Service, and sales/dealer. The manufacturers have people try and scam them all day, everyday. You CANNOT blame them for telling you to piss off for not doing things their way. You want something done, excellent, do it like they tell you. Or expect nothing. There is nothing that rattles my fu#@ing cage more than a customer that thinks he knows what the hell he is talking about. When they don't. All you have to do is let them do their job, and if they can get things done for you, they will. That's how they earn their living!!!!!!!!!!!! Fixing things that nobody else will. Don't fight them.

I'm sorry to go off like this, but what the hell? One person stirs up so much crap, that it makes it bad for everyone else. If you are going to try and bend someone over, at least be diplomatic and put a little lubricant on the orfice you are going after.

Yo Randy- bring it on down and we'll go race...


Originally posted by MikeOK:

Yo Randy- bring it on down and we'll go race...


Yo Mike!

That's exactly what I'm doing...Tulsa, cya in about 4 weeks!

Seriously though...

I want to extend my heart in letting Yamaha go for what has happened. For all who disagree with me, hey, I'm sorry too! We all have differences of opinions.

I never expect anyone to pay for something or do something for me that either I myself am not prepared to do, or what isn't fair and reasonable. Maybe some of you haven't been lied to about your bikes. Maybe you have knowledge that surpasses mine. That's okay. All I wanted was to get my bike fixed. All I wanted was to ride, and ride with confidence. Is that not fair and reasonable?

Wanting to make sure your bike is fixed isn't wrong either. Neither is wanting to see what they are doing to it. Just because I don't have that much motocycle knowledge doesn't mean I don't have automotive knowledge. There is nothing wrong with going into a shop's garage to inspect your vehicle whatever type it may be as long as you are escorted. This is allowable by law, and is not in violation of insurance binders.

...And to want to see the parts for inspection isn't wrong either. After-all I did pay for the bike, and until there is an agreed upon warranty claim, those parts are still mine! Nothing I did was a crime, or unusual punishment towards Yamaha. What I did is what any one person would do to protect a piece of machinery that means something to them.

Do not take this as I am implying or saying no one takes care of their equipment or that their bikes don't mean something to them, but Im here to say mine does.

Despite all that has happened, I really am starting to enjoy it now that its fixed. Just as I love to get it covered in mud from a good days ride, I equally love to treat her to proper maintenance, oil changes, washing her down with soap and water, Simple Green her, rinse and blow dry (compressed air), lube the chain and silicone spray all spring/moving sections.

I clean the air filter, scrub the rims, check the spokes, all connections, and run 97 octane....Shoot, I'd even bring it inside the house if I could because I like riding that much! So why am I penalized for fighting for my ride?

Or is your bike just a place to park your butt for 5 hours, and then through away???

The time I spent opening that clutch, taking it apart, looking at the construction, learning about the strengths and weaknesses of the oiling system in this bike, the strength and weaknesses of the clutch setup, and putting it all back together with quality HINSON parts means more to me than the $600.00 ever will.

My issue was never about the money! Its the principle. But I guess " Shut up and ride " is the ruling principle of the day.

Yes, when I wrote the first heading, I was really mad! I was insulted and accousted by the Yamaha Supervisor. $5,000.00 is a lot of money to this country cowboy. I treat my kickers just as good as that bike, and they only cost me $200.00!

I extend my faith now, and in the Name of the LORD Christ Jesus, I forgive Yamaha for what has happened. I release them and leave the issue with the LORD. Where Yamaha has taken from me, The LORD will replace 7 fold.

I also extend my faith, and give my blessings to all who, without even knowing me, extended their hands, and knowledge to help me. I couldn't have done the swap without all those who stepped out to help! Thank you, and may the LORD shine down favorably upon you!

It with a :) that I firmly say:

The matter is concluded.


I'm really lookin' forward to hooking up with you to go riding. Maybe you can teach this Eastern Cowboy, how y'all ride this thing Oklahoma style!

Take Care,

God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks

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