Bad News from Yamaha Corp.

Yesterday, while at the Yamaha dealership I do regular business with, I asked about any news on the 2002 4 strokes from 150/164cc to compete in the 80cc class to the 250f & 4??F.

The owner told me that the designer of the new 150/164f was killed in a plane crash a few weeks ago. I do not know if this is the same guy who designed the 400/426 & the 250f. But , I believe he is the same person. This is a major setback for Yamaha. The dealer was told by Yamaha corp, that the new 150/164F was probably not going to ship for 2002 because of this. I wonder if anyone else has heard this? We will all hear in the next 2weeks about the 2002 Yamaha lineup, because the dealer show is either 1st or 2nd week in June - this is where the announcements will be made. Keep your fingers crossed that new, bigger & better blue bikes will trickle down to us for this upcoming year. & yes I like my 2001 YZF426....

Very bad news indeed.

that's cannot be true, because he was just at a test track in italy testing the new M1. His picture is in this weeks cyclenews.

I hope racer629 is right, I found this on the Yamaha site, YZR-M1 News, the fifth paragraph mentions his part in the'97 YZM400F.

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told ya!

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