DOT approved front tires - any suggestions?

Hey does anybody know of a good DOT approved front tire for my WR400? I am trying to make it street legal but plan to use it mostly off-road so I would like to find something with the most agressive tread that will pass inspection. :)

I am very happy with the MT-18 that I currently have on my bike. Very stiff sidewall, which allows me to run at lower PSI when off-road, and seems to be holding up quite well.

Kenda track master for the rear only. :)


I've never tried any but you have to know that all front pirellis are supposed to be DOT :D.


Hey Bam my front Trackmaster II is not that bad. It is weird on the road but makes the job everywhere else to my opinion. It is all new though :). Maybe it gets worse rapidly?

Pirelli MT83 is a great front for sand and mud, I have hit some rocks with it too and haven't had chuncking.

I use the Pirelli MT-18 in the front and the MT-32 in the back. They work well in the dirt and hold up on the street. The other tires I used wore out fast on the street.

I'll second the kenda rear only. I have had great luck with the Bridgestone ED tires for the front.

Im now running a Maxxis HT front. not DOT but is working really well. Wears like Iron, turns good in tacky and hard soil, sucks in sand, and gravel. Overall good DS tire IMO. Corners like a street slick on the road too! :)

The Pirelli MT-44 believe it or not is DOT approved too... This tire is one of the best front tires I've ever expierenced... Give it a shot... Great traction... :)

I've had pretty good results from Dunlolp D-606. Works grest in dirt and is DOT approved!

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