The bogg is officially gone!

With alot of help from members here; my bogg is now gone. I like to experiment so the Jet kit was out of the question for me; takes the fun out of it. 2007 wr450f jetting std and modified are listed below.

At 500 ft

std was 162 main

pilot was 48

starter jet was 65

air jet on rear of carb was 70

Leak jet was 60

and crappy needle non adjustable

The bike bogged with the oring mod and ran hot.

The changes are:

165 main

45 pilot

70 starter jet

Leak jet 40

air jet on rear unchanged

wired the ap linkage.

Ncvq needle 4th clip from top from Yamaha dealer for $14.00

Spent about 35-40 dollars total and had fun doing it.

Bogg gone completely, runs great. no issues.

Head pipe is not hot on my leg anymore.

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