XR600 Front Wheel

I just bought a front wheel off an XR600 on e-bay. I hope it will fit my XR650R so I was told. Does any one know what bikes it will fit? XR400? XR650R? I got a good price on it and should have it in a week or so.

It's my understanding that the XR600 front wheel will work with a different spacer, which is available as a special order item from Baja Designs for ~$10, but I've heard that a rear XR600 wheel requires a different hub and spokes. I've also heard that you can change out bearings/seals & an internal spacer since the 600 rear wheel has a screw in seal housing and it will work, but I don't have any first hand experieince to know if this is fact or not.

Your new F wheel will fit. Rears won't, rotor size and other things are diff.

Did your new F wheel come with spacers? If so compare the one from the 600 to your 650. They are very slightly different in length. One will have a groove around it and the other won't. I can;t recall exactly which one you should use, just try it with both. One of them will work (i think the grooved one).

If you need the other spacer, whichever it may be, let me know and i'll mail you one. I should have a couple extras of each somewhere around here.

Thanks Tim, When I get the wheel I'll let you know.


Did the wheel fit? I hope so? If it did not fit, I may be able to take it off your hands. I have a 98 XR 600 that needs a new front rim. If there is a whole wheel assembly, that's better!

Otherwise, happy riding!

The wheel will fit if it came off a '93 onwards XR6. They had a slightly larger o/s diameter than previous models. cheers.


Hi, I also just bought an xr600 front wheel off of ebay for my 2001 xr650L. And I was wondering if it will fit cause the 600 front wheel says 2.5mm on the disc and my front rim thats on my bike now says 3.5mm. I am soon gonna try and see if it fits but would like to know for sure before i do. Also i just bought a rear wheel of a 2001 650R just wondering if there might be any differences between the L and the R s rear wheels that would cause it not to fit. Thanx alot :)

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