headlight not working - 98' wr400

my wr seems to have an issue with the headlight.

when i bought it the previous owner said it needed a headlight bulb,

so i went and go one.. fired it up, and no headlight??

what could be the possible cause? whats the routine for diagnosis..

is there a fusebox? then i guess check if theres power to the bulb, if so how much.

im hoping its a simple problem, as i need this fixed. im supposed to be somewhere

now but cant go coz its dark and i got no light. indicators and tail light work fine.

the light on the speedo indicates that the headlight is on. its an aussie wrf, k model? cheers guys.

any ideas what to check? could it be something simple like a fuse?

is there any fuses to check? thanks

Wiring is generally easy to diagnose. Power comes in, is possibly switched, does something, then goes to ground. So with that in mind, check the following;

First thing to ask, is does your headlight have a switch, if it does, try and bypass it by jumping the two leads off the head connector and see if the headlight works. Or.. You could meter the switch in both the open and closed positions to see if the resistance changes. If it doesn't.. the switch is pootched.

If that's good;

put a multimeter on the positive lead and attach it to ground, see if there's power when the bike is up and running. I believe you should be checking for VAC

If that's good;

put a multimeter on the ground wire, and check for resistance between that and the negative battery terminal (with bulb removed).

Now, if you install a fresh bulb, and your headlight blows right away off idle, and follows the rpm of the motor in relation to brightness, then you could have a recifier issue and chances are the stator has been modified (floating ground) to accept a aftermarket lighting system like trailtech.

That should get you going in the right direction to find out what's going on.

I have heard of a few issues with wires breaking where they bend to go around the steering head/tube. So, you might want to check there too for any signs of wear, chaffing, or exposed wires under the "protective coating". A simple resistance check would also show faults.

any ideas what to check? could it be something simple like a fuse?

is there any fuses to check? thanks

No fuses. Has to be something else.

im hoping its the wiring. the original cover is missing and replaced with pvc tape.

seems to have had a hit in the front end, and the headlight plastics mounting tabs have been fixed also. hoping theres just a couple of broken wires under there,

i dont have a multimeter and no cash to pay a shop. i will find something to rig up to it before the rectifier to see if it has power. would a small a small 12v lamp or something work to test? cheers.

just noticed when i was playing around with it before,

the Brake Light doesnt work... tail light working fine.

would this indicate a prob with the rectifier or the stator? cheers.

It indicates you need to get a wiring diagram and start tracing to find out what is stock, what's not and where you loose power.

Start at the stator, check the output of the rectifier and then start checking at various points of the system. There is no easy solution here, just grab a meter and start looking. The manual also has good electrical diagnostics in it. A cheap meter is under $10 and will work just fine for this application. If you have money for gas, you have money for a meter!!!!


well it hasn't blown the globe. so im going to take a guess and get a stator.

i should get a multimeter but i really cant afford it, the bike came with a full tank of fuel :thumbsup:

So you're going to buy a stator but not a $10 meter?

Ok, then.....

More than likely you will have a bad regulator if you're blowing bulbs. If you have no voltage, then look at the stator.

Maybe you shouldn't have spent so much on the bike if you can't afford to fix it? Not hatin', just sayin'. $10 meter will last you a long time and prove quite useful in all different situations. Maybe just skip a couple beers on Friday night or a lunch?

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