how does your wr400 run

i have a few issues (i think) with my wr. its a 98 model, has about 2500klm's on the clock.

following the starting procedure it seems to run ok when warm.

starts 2nd or 3rd kick, choke on seems to idle at around 3500 rpm.

this to me seems excessively high, but much less and the bike will stall.

if i start it without the choke, starts as easy but need to keep the revs over 2500k, then theres a chance it may stall (from not being fully warmed up?)

when you stop messing with the throttle, or get down the road. seems to make a 'tick' somewhere on the left side when this happens. this also happens when

the bike stalls if you are trying to kick it over.. not sure but i dont like it, scares me, makes me think theres bigger probs. or is it normal to stall if not warmed for a min/tick noise normal etc?

once its hot, it goes like a gun, will start without the hot start 1st kick, idles fine etc, but seems to run rich and you can smell plastic burning somewhere..

no idea if i have a problem, or its just the bike.

anyway, it would be good to hear how other peoples wr's run, problems or no problems.

The choke part sounds relatively normal. Hard to say without hearing it. The ticking and smell doesn't sound normal. Take a screwdriver and use it as a stethoscope and when making the noise try to narrow down the point of origin.

cheers for the info.

the noise isn't always there, just when the bike stalls, makes the sound once.

sounds like a reasonably loud 'tick' and maybe tiny bit of chain noise?

its coming from the bottom end, left side. it seems to not be able to run under 2500 - 3000rpm when cold, or it will 'lose power' and theres no way to catch it with the throttle. then almost sounds like when it happens the engine is spinning the wrong way, like maybe the cam is 1 tooth out. just after the first time i took off it stalled on me, was @5k rpm as well but probably wasnt 100% warmed up.

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