Graphices question ?

Is there a way to apply graphics to the tank so they don't bubble ?


Dennis '99 YZ400F


just put them on a steel tank! :)

the plastic allows the gas to come through and bubble the graphics. nobody has yet come up with a cure for this on a plastic tank.

I always keep my tank full, this keeps the vapors down. The vapors are what seep through the plastic. During winter storage I empty the tank, take the cap off and rubberband paper towel over the hole. This keeps debris out and lets any vapors left vent out. I still get some small bubbles near the edges. I think this is from water getting under the graphics while washing. I rub them out w/my thumb once a week. I also take a hobby knife and cut any flaps under the seat that peel up that won't seal back down. If left hanging it will continue to peel.

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