Anyone at Elsinore late yesterday afternoon (5/24)?

If so, who the hell was the guy on the CR? McGrath was out there riding his 426 but there was a guy on a stock looking CR, no name on jersey, no numbers on bike, just flying. He looked at least as fast as McGrath. A few of the people watching were convinced it was Ricky Carmicheal and I thought so to for the following reasons...

1. He was FLYING!

2. He was short, looked just like RC.

3. He whipped the bike completely sideways just like RC does.

4. There are only so many people on this planet that can go throught the whoops like he did.

5. He kept a low profile, I never saw him get near McGrath on the track, he didn't take his helmet off the couple of times I saw him go back to his truck. And besides, who is at this level and doesn't even have numbers on the bike? Very low profile.

6. It is widely rumored that RC will be going to Honda to replace Lusk who in turn will most likely go to Kawi.

7. He wore Oakley goggles just like RC.

So I, along with several other guys watching, were convinced it was RC doing some secret Honda testing until my girlfriend told me she saw him without his helmet and it wasn't him.... and she's good with faces. So basically I don't know... I've seen a lot of fast guys ride that track, McGrath, Lampson, Ryan Hughes just a couple weeks ago... and this guy was as fast as anyone I've seen there.

It was me! :)

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