03 WR450 new owner could use some help.

Just bought a new (to me) 03 WR450. Love the power on the trails. It came with a Baja kit installed so I've been riding it back and forth to work. Well the knobbies and factory sprocket aren't really cutting it for the street. I like the look of supermoto and the 17" rims. I'm wanting to put some 17" on it with some nice street tires. I'm not going to race it so I think the factory brAmes are fine. Looking for something affordable and that can be changed out quickly to hit the trails. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

I think the brakes will be fine is what I meant. iPhone blunder.

cheapest way.. buy some enduro tires for the stock wheels.

next cheapest way.. disassemble your wheels, and relace with some sumo rims

third but getting pricy way.. buy a complete dna, warp9 set and swap as necessary.

only to note, if you do go the sumo direction, then plan to have a gearing change, which usually means new sprocket (s) and new chain, otherwise you might not hit 60mph

Thank you. I was thinking about a 42 tooth rear sprocket change with 17" rims. I'm thinking that would be good for the street.

As I now have a street legal title, I was wondering the same thing...

However, in regards to Enduro tires, by brother in law just got a new KTM 450 EXC with the DOT approved knob's on it. They lasted about 2 weeks...lol..

FWIW, I'm running 15 / 44 with 17 in wheels mounted on my 05. It seems to be a pretty good comprimise. At 65 mph in fifth gear the motor is turning 6200 ish rpm, but still has some snap in the lower gears.

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