release date for new models

Has anyone heard the projected date for when the 2002 YZ4xx will hit the showroom floors? Also does anyone know the date that Yamaha will stop shipping the 2001 426?


shipping has already stopped on the 01 models. The 02 dealer meeting is in Las Vegas next week. That is when they give out the 02 info to the public. I'll keep you posted.

Since shipping has stopped in preparation for the arrival of the 2002 models, would you expect the 2001s to now be going for a better price, or a higher price since supply is limited?


I just picked up a new 01' YZ 426 for $5600 out the door here in Delaware. I'm not sure if this is a good price or not.


$5600 is a good price. I have 2 more left on the floor if anyone is interested in one. I can do that price, but you will have to either pick it up, or cover the cost to have it shipped to your door. From Cleveland to Houston, which was where I shipped my last bike was $303 in shipping. Just FYI. If anyone has any questions, feel free to call me at the store EST 330-454-6171

Todd Arnette.


Mr. Wizard says: "Go BIG, or go home!"

It seems as though the mx mags are hinting that the 4xx will not be aluminum framed until the 2003 models. Bummer.


If you were any closer to south florida then I would visit you tomorrow. John it sounds like you got a good price to me, it's hard to get dealers here to talk about $5600 even before taxes and other costs.. :)

The price of anything in El Paso is never representative of anything, anywhere else, but a few weeks ago I saw one at Mr. Motorcycle (Mr. Moron-o-cycle as I call them) with $5,395 written right on it.

Even more interesting was the ’01 400 SX for $5,195. I’m not kidding, they’ve had this bike since Sept. and haven’t sold it. If they didn’t already shop it to another dealer in exchange for a few go-peds or something it can be yours!


You may also try Rio Yamaha about forty miles up the road in Las Cruces, my bud just bought an ’01 WR for around $5,600.


Stuff like that is always cheaper around here, not much demand for them I guess, I just passed on a 520 MXC for $7,095, OTD (yes I know, that is list, but North County Yam quoted me eight grand for the same bike).

Now that I've had some sleep and can think clearly, I can't believe that they have already stopped shipping the 01' model. It's not even the middle of 01' yet! Is there a second source who can verify this?


They'll start shipping the 02's in 4 months. When I put my deposit down on the 02 in Apr. the dealer said he was ready to send in his order for 02's the first of may. They're really trying to get rid of the 01 Suz's, & Kawi's (250's 4799.00)before the new bikes come in.


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