2010 yz450f intermitant miss on start up

Has anyone had this problem. On start up it will miss intermitantly. I will have to run it hard for awhile to get it to go away. Is something wrong with the fuel pumps? Is there an inline filter that needs to be changed? Any help would be appreciated.



Sounds like two different things may be causing it. If the miss is erratic and irregular, it could be a fouled plug or a sticky injector. Try a new plug, and add some good name brand fuel injector cleaner to the gas. Most such products say to dump the whole bottle in a full tank, but that assumes you have at least 12 gallons of gas on board. Calculate a reasonably close amount that will give a similar ratio.

I will give it a try, any particular fuel injector cleaner? Thanks

I will give it a try, any particular fuel injector cleaner? Thanks

The Seafoam brand is good stuff.

I changed my plug and mixed in some fuel injection cleaner I bought from cycle gear, still did the intermitant. I rode today and it did it a bit when warming up but did not do it the rest of the day. Not sure what to think. Can some one tell me the difference between the cr8e and the cr8eix? I can see the difference in the electrode. Is it a hotter plug?

Thanks again for all the help.

The CR8EIX is an iridium plug, the same heat range as the CR8E. Because of the iridium electrode, it will deliver more spark energy at the plug gap, resist fouling to a greater degree, and last longer.

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