ESPN2 - What a joke........

I know many of you wanted to see the Glen Helen National televised on ESPN2, but I am amazed at what ESPN2 did. I looked last night and it was scheduled to air @ 5:30-7:30pm Eastern time today (Sat. 26th). I had the VCR all ready and just out of curiousity decided to check the schedule on Direct TV before it started. No more Glen Helen race. It was replaced with Drag Racing. What a joke. So, when are they going to air it? ESPN does this so often, changing their schedules at the last minute, how can they operate a network like that? Anyone want to start up a Sports Network? It wouldn't be hard to improve upon ESPN's shottie performance.

i am so sick of espn changing the air times words can not disribe it.espn can go ^%&$! themselves

Well, it looks like they have pushed it back till 11pm-1pm Eastern time tomorrow night (Sunday 27th). We'll see if it hold. ESPN has some serious problems with programming and I gave them a piece of my mind via their website. The fraction of air time that they allow to motocross should be respected and don't go and bump it for softball or bowling. That SH%T should be on regular ESPN. Wasn't ESPN2 for alternate sports anyway? I saw that they are showing plenty of sissy cr*p on it, instead of the death defying sports it was intended for. Very much like the radio stations that are super cool and play the alternative stuff, but eventually sell out for ad space and play the same sh1t that every other station plays.

I too had cut short our plans for this Saturday afternoon so we could watch the Glen Helen race. I was horribly disappointed when I (just like daveyg) had the vcr all set to go and with the ice chest right next to the couch.

ESPN2 got a nasty note from me too and I explained to them that these last minute changes to their schedules are unacceptable.

I see and talk to Jerry Bernardo occasionally and the next time I see him I'll see what justification ESPN2 has for the changes.


If you have sattelite some of the providers offer an extreme sports network.

Hey guys,

Acording to RacerX. The race will be aired at 8:30pm EST or 10:00pm EST on Sunday. Something about womans college softball needing more air time. Sure why not bump guys signing million dollar contracts and having national sponsorship, for a bunch of fat college dykes.

Can you tell I'm pissed :)



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Hey guys, found some articles for you to read...

That article bashes ESPN2, because of the softball crap....

Here's some good news:


Sealsco to Produce First Ever AMA Motocross Special for National Broadcast Television in Association with ESPN2

Saturday, June 3rd, the AMA Motocross series will be featured on ABC Sports for the first time ever. Don't miss it.

ATLANTA, GA - Seals Communications Corporation (Sealsco) is pleased to announce the first ever appearance of an AMA Motocross Series special on national broadcast television. ABC Sports will air coverage of the Chevy Trucks U.S. AMA Motocross Championships from Mt. Morris, PA on Sunday, June 3rd, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.(Eastern & Pacific). Sealsco is producing the program in association with media rights holder ESPN2.

"ABC offers a unique opportunity for the sport of AMA Motocross to show just how big of a series it has become," said Lou Seals, Chairman & CEO of Seals Communications Corporation. "ESPN2 has stepped up to the plate in a big way, and coupled with the incredible support of the program's sponsors, this will ensure a great first showing on ABC."

Sealsco's production of the Mt. Morris AMA Motocross event, round three of the Chevy Trucks U.S. AMA Motocross Championships, will provide an opportunity to reach one of the largest television audiences ever in the history of the sport. The Mt. Morris broadcast will be the lead-in to the CART race from The Milwaukee Mile in all time zones except on the West Coast, where it will follow the CART race.

"We're delighted to team-up with the AMA and Sealsco to further increase exposure of the exciting sport of AMA motocross," said Burke Magnus, Director of Brand Management for ESPN. "We hope the success of our efforts will lead to similar events in the future."

ABC Sports coverage of the Mt. Morris AMA event will be produced and directed by Sealsco's Scott McLemore, a 20-year veteran of the motocross circuit and executive producer for all of Sealsco's programming. The ABC Sports special will feature one hour of event action, including, highlights from the 125cc motos and both 250cc main motos in their entirety. A two-hour version of Mt. Morris will also appear on ESPN2 as a part of the regular AMA Motocross Series coverage.

___ ___ ___

So, it appears that ABC clearly appreciates motocross as a seriously expanding sport. Not only is it exciting to watch, but they know there are some serious sponsors with millions on the line. I don't know how ESPN gets away with bumping a National MX Race for Softball. Have you guys ever seen a Collegiate softball team wearing sponsors? So, why not leave that crap to local television. I hope the AMA gets fed up with ESPN and dumps them for another sports network. OH how happy I'd be.

Can you believe it? ESPN has botched us again. The Glen Helen National was rescheduled for 11pm EST tonight and guess what....Drag Racing again! I am so disgusted. I have lost total respect for them, total respect.

I was wondering if I was the only one up waiting. My directv guide says "Motorcycle Racing- AMA Motocross Series"... hmmmm I never saw any moto's with four wheels grrrrr... You can go to then scroll all the way down to the bottom and find the "Contact Us" link. This takes you to a page where you can gripe, and I already did, but I wonder if anyone will ever see it. Guess maybe we should take up badmitton or bowling so we can watch our sports on espn2. Wasn't the espn2 thing started for just for extreme sports?

Disgusted Mike

Hey Guys,

I can sympathize and agree with you about ESPN2 being frustrating...

...didn't anyone see the Glen on ESPN2 at 8:00 pm through 10:30 tonight??? ( 5/27/01 )

I watched it ( NY Channel 58 ), so does this mean that ESPN2 is different for different parts of the country??? If you haven't seen it yet, try and watch! It was good!

And I know that this is going to stir up something of a hornets nest, but could we all please consider toning down the explatives, I.E., $#@&! curse words. I know that we are all adults and get frustrated, but there are plenty of youth who read this forum, along with the enemies of this sport, and they would like to just rip us apart for our " bad " attitudes and foul mouths. Kids come here to learn, just like the adults. We become what we portray-- just a thought.

Please understand, I am not trying to legislate morality. That comes from the heart. I'm consideratly asking...think before you type...and this starts right here with me!


God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks!

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I think ESPN stands for "Especially Stupid Programing Network" That being said, one reason ESPN continues to classify Motocross as a lower tier piddly sport that can be bumped for something like womens softball is that our voice is quieter than a Flea's fart!! Why doesn't the AMA, the factories, and all the myriads of sponsors put their fists up and demand more air time based on the level of factory support, the salaries the riders bring in, the exceptional level of fitness the riders are in, the risks they undertake every time they ride, the size of the fan base, and most importantly how many dollars we pump into the economy (how much does a softball cost compared to a $6,000 YZF). We sell out Anaheim stadium at every opener! Let's see women's softball do that!

The least we (i.e., all 2,253 members of us here on can do is to email ESPN at the link provided by MikeOK to give 'em our opinion. Do it!

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Some of you guys sound pretty ticked off, well it gets worse. They did run it, at 6:30 PM MST today (Sunday), that’d be 8:30 in New York (yes I’ve been there) and 5:30 in CA. I taped it but haven’t watched it all yet.

I don’t understand how they expect to generate ratings for their airtime if nobody knows what is going to be shown when. What are they thinking?

On the other hand, I had it on ESPN2, muted, for an entire kick boxing match just in case they decided to show the race.

What we should also do is email all the companies who advertise their products during the races and complain. Without their advertising dollars we would'nt see any MX or SX on tv. Their voice is stronger than ours.

Ok, the language will be somewhat curbed Randy, but I don't know of any 10 year olds racing 426's at my local track.

Here is what I wrote to ESPN and I am going to CC it to any promotor, sponsor that I can get a hold of. I think it's absurd that ESPN can do crap like that. (is "crap" allowed here) :-) \

Please feel free to copy what I wrote below and send it to any motocross sponsor that you can think of as well. I don't know the last time a drag racing event pulled in 45,000 fans........ let alone softball.... Pleazzzzzz...........

_ _ _ _ _ _

What gives people? I am a motocross enthusiast and a long time racer. I'm also an man of my word. ESPN2 was scheduled to show motocross on Saturday @ 5:30pm est and you bumped it at the last minute for drag racing? Then, you reschedule the race coverage (according to direct tv progam listing) for 11pm est Sunday the 27th. I waited up to see the coverage and what do you show? Drag racing in it's place again!!!!!! I am appauled by the lack of respect that you have given to not only the viewers of your network but to the millions of dollars put up by the promoters of the sport of MOTOCROSS. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of those promoters (Chevy Trucks, Parts Unlimited, Fox Racing, etc.... ) climbing down your throat right about now. I know if you were responsible for covering my racing series, I'd be furious. But since I'm one of your viewers and I pay for my DIRECT TV every month which includes ESPN network, I am furious. I am so furious that I will CC this to every sponsor that I can think of that has anything to do with the sport of motocross and motorsports racing. You people should be ashamed of yourself for such blatantly shottie work.


Originally posted by daveyg:

Ok, the language will be somewhat curbed Randy, but I don't know of any 10 year olds racing 426's at my local track.

Here is what I wrote to ESPN and I am going to CC it to any promotor, sponsor that I can get a hold of. I think it's absurd that ESPN can do crap like that. (is "crap" allowed here) :-) \


Hey Dave,

I agree whole heartedly with you concerning ESPN and their flip flop of programming. I too rely on the motocross, not so much to see the race, but to visually learn riding techniques. It's just the way I do things. What ESPN is doing is wrong! Every sport has its place, so give each their due!

Y'know something??? If they can have a golf channel, or a cooking channel, why not a motocross channel? Motocross is a 365 sport. I remember watching the Blackwater races back in the 80's. Man what a mud ( stuck ) fest! I haven't seen anything like that or any real dedication to Motocross since I began riding. Seems that its due, and I agree with you 100%!!!

You're right-10 year olds probably don't ride 426's. But 10 years old can log onto this site and read. You are a very knowledgeable person. You speak common sense, your respectable and you know your stuff. I welcome your opinions and observations. Is it not plausible that 10 - 18 year olds would log on to read YOUR FORUMS, ADVICE ON MAINTENANCE, RIDING, ETC., and apply it towards their bikes?

Just look at what you did for me! I never would have been able to do the clutch like I did, if YOU didn't step forward and give me a detailed breakdown of the job! YOU HELPED ME!!! THANK YOU!

You can say what ever you like. I'm not the self-elected SHERIFF of this site :). I just feel in my heart that there is a way of successfully getting your point across with using !@$#& every other word. I condemn nor judge you not, just asking to help keep it professional and considerate in here.

God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks!

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For you YZ426 Kicks : "Happy are those conscious of their spiritual needs" Matthew 5:3 :)

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I hear ya Randy and I agree that #$%&*@ shouldn't be used to get a point across. It's really used as an "EXLAMATION", but 10 and 12 year olds can read what we write and I respect that. OH, and your very welcome for the clutch break down information. For all the times that I ran into a moment of confusion while I was doing a timing belt on my car or dismantling a clutch, the mechanics that I spoke with were my lifesaver. So, I thank everyone that offers advice and I'm happy to return the favor anytime.

Now, for the bigger picture. I have to see the Glen Helen National. It's of dire consequence and I will pay someone whatever the cost is to make a copy for me.... With ESPN's #$%^&* permission of course. Please email me and we can work out the details. I don't have any confidence that they are going to replay this event. Thanks.

Guys - I posted this on an earlier thread, but it's worth mentioning it again. They won't change unless they know it's a problem.

Please take a minute from your busy day to visit the ESPN2 feedback site to voice and vote on the issues of schedule changes. It helps.

Here's the link.

I watched both Glen Helen and the Drag Racing. The GH race was great with super scary hills and high speed first turn. Awesome. Actually the drag racing was cool too. I checked it out in my home state of Texas.



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