Cycra probend handguards on OEM Protaper bars.

Got the 1 1/8th kit for our Protaper bars. The aluminum seems very rugged and so far worth the expense. After a few hours of frustration and a combo of BFH/Vise, I finally got em on. The smaller bar end insert was the only one that would fit. Had to bend the aluminum part where the bars attach near the triple to get it to square up.

Worked well this morning making my way through some small alder and sumac patches down back.

My only concern is the right side barend. I am unable to snug it up to the end of the bar so I left a 1/4 inch gap on each end. I am worried junk is going to get inside the throttle tube. If I snug it up so its flush, the throttle tube hangs up on the barend.

Any suggestions?


What I did with my Cycras was to start by substituting longer bolts with a hex had for the oval head Allen bolts that come with the set. Then I added a 3/8" wide steel collar (no reason it needs to be steel, but it's what I had) to each side that is slightly smaller than the handle bar ends. I then made hole cutters from scrap copper tube and fittings, slid the grips onto a wood dowel, and cut nice round holes in the ends of them. The hole in the left side was tighter by a bit so it seals snug against the collar. The hole on the right is a little larger so that the grip seals against the collar, but loosely enough not to interfere with the throttle operation. The grips then overhang the ends of the bars in a normal manner and seal against the collars.

I also found it necessary to spend a bit of time rearranging the shape of the aluminum strap to get the fit correct.

Thanks for the tip Grey, when I get my G2 cam system/new grips I will work on a similar insert/collar system too. That will also give me the opportunity to cut the bars down a bit.

Mine went on without much of an issue. The one problem I did have is the mounting clamp on the right interferes a bit with the brake line where it bolts up to the master cylinder. I'm using the U clamp mounts.


I hear ya about the brake line mounting tabs. After some frustration and a magical combo of lever adjustment, tipping the bars forward, then tipping them back, it seemed to not interfere. Not sure I could replicate it though. I almost wanted to take the brake line off the MS and let it hang outside of the tab.

BTW RiderX SWEET stand. Where'd you get it?

BTW RiderX SWEET stand. Where'd you get it?

Honestly, I can't remember. I've had it for about 10 years. It's really not all that great. It's kind of wobbly and unstable after 10 years of use. Rocky Mountain MS has better ones for $60-$80.

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