Difference between 07 and 2011 wr450's?

hey guys,

im selling my YZ426 for a WR450. My brother bought a brand new WR but i found an 07 with 2000k's that i'd be happy to own if theres nothing im missing out on? bold new graphics perhaps?

also whats considered high K's/miles for a WR? most have between 2000 and 5000k's.

i did a search but found no other threads on the subject so if theres previous threads please direct me.



Absolutely no difference from 07-11. Most likely the 12's will be the same too, I fear.


sweet ass sweet, cause i just bought one. :ride:

The only noticeable difference will be colour of the engine casings!!!! With something that good, why change it.......

Friends don't let friends ride ktm

Friends don't let friends ride ktm

Oh yes we do, It gives us a chance to spend time in the work shop replacing all the bits on their KTM .It also gives us the chance to beat them off road ( when the KTM breaks down )


KTM = Keep Taking Money

bold new graphics :thumbsup:

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