09 YZ450 exhaust

that will be helpful!!!

After putting a big dent in my stock header, I didn't want to buy a full system, and a new header from Yamaha was expensive.

What I ended up doing was buying a DEP powerbomb header. The header is around 2-3mm smaller diameter than my stock shorty muffler, so I then had an aluminium adaptor made to make up the difference (slides over the header with a good fit, muffler then clamps onto the aluminium). I'm running a high comp Wossner piston, and this combination has great power right through.

Yea from everything I have been seeing the stock headpipe is to big.

i just put a fmf mega bomb onto my stock muffler, ( only cause it was free and bran new :smirk: . the bike seemed to pull harder down low. worked well jumping free style ramps!

I may end up doing the mega bomb anyways. But want to see what he muffler does first.

I want to make sure i can get suspension dialed in first though.

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